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Bibliography, exhibitions & collections of Stefan Knapp
picture by Stefan Knapp and link
Stefan Knapp

Stefan Knapp appeared in many publications, and his work was displayed in one-man museum exhibitions and one-man shows in galleries.

Much of his work is still on display in museums and public buildings.

Stefan also contributed works to numerous collective international exhibitions and donated work to several Polish Institutions.

1945 Virtuti Militari
1973 Churchill Fellowship Award
1975 Knight of the Cross Polonia Restituta

One Man Museum Exhibitions
1960 Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas
1961 Museo de Arte Moderna, Buenos Aires
1962 Instituto de Arte Contemporaneo, Lima
1963 Neue Galerie der Stadt, Linz
1966 Detroit Arts Institute, Detroit
1974Galerie Zacheta Palace, Warsaw
1987 San Jose Museum of Art
1990 Polonia Palace, Warsaw One Man

Shows in Galleries
1947 London Gallery
1954 Hanover Gallery, London
1955 Tooth Gallery (Critic’s Choice) London
1955 Paris
1956 Hanover Gallery, London
1957 Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York
1957 Prima Lissone, Milan
1958 Galerie de Arte Contemporaneo, Caracas
1959 Hanover Gallery, London
1959 Prima Lissone, Milan
1958 Bienale, Amsterdam
1959 International Choice, London
1960 U.S.I.S.Gallery London
1962 Galeria Z.P.A.Z. Warsaw
1963 Galerie Gunther Franke, Munich
1964 Hella Nebelung Galerie, Dusseldorf
1964 Hanover Gallery, London
1965 Kalman Gallery, London
1965 Hanover Gallery, London
1967 U.S.I.S. Gallery, London
1967 Hanover Gallery, London
1968 Galerie D’Eent, Amsterdam
1968 Galerie Gunther Franke, Munich
1973 Estudo Actual, Caracas
1973 Galerie D’Eent, Amsterdam
1974 Rutland Gallery, London
1979 Galerie D’Eendt, Amsterdam
1979, 1981 & 1982 Art Expo, New York
1980 Crane Kalman Gallery, London
1982 Hartor Gallery, Germany
1983 Chateau Vignelaure, Aix en Provence
1984 Chateau de la Jaubertie, Dordogne
1984 Municipal Museum, Bordeaux
1985 Chateau Prieure Lichine, Margaux-Medoc
1986 Grabowski Gallery 11, London
1987 San Jose Museum. Los Angeles
1994 Meru College, France
1999 Polish Cultural Institute, London
1999 Bletchley Park
1999 Whitford Fine Art, London
2002 King Edward’s Vivartis Witley

Selected bibliography
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Critics Choice 1954
Lilliput, feature article 1955
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Priors Court School. Dame Stephanie Shirley.1999

Museum Collections
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires
National Museum of Helsinki. Finland
Museo de Bellas artes, Caracas, Venezuela
Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas
Contemporary Art Society, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Museo de Arte Moderna, Buenos Aires
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Neue Gallerie de Stadt, Linz
National Museum, Warsaw Tate Gallery London
Breda Museum
Katowice Museum, Poland
Royal Palace, Rabat
Vatican Museum, Rome
The Art Centre, Milwaukee
San Jose Museum of Art
Royal College of Art, London
Holocaust Museum, Melbourne
Museum of Fine Art, Boston
Hall of Fame Museum, Mexico City

Murals and Sculptures in Public Buildings

Bentalls Store, Kingston
Guildford University, Surrey
LCC Hallfield School London
St Anne’s College, Oxford
C.I.N. Building, Paris
Ontario Synagogue, Canada
N.G.C. Omaha, Nebraska
Park East Hospital. New York
Seagram Building, New York
Shell Building, London
London Airport Terminal 3. Middlesex
Alexander’s Store, Paramus, New Jersey
Alexander’s Store, New York City
Alexander’s Store, White Plains
City of Ghent
Stadt Hospital, Dusseldorf
Unilever Building, Hamburg
University of Brunswick, Germany
Queens College, New York
Columbia University
Rowney Building, Berkshire
Copernicus University. Poland
Torun Planetarium, Olsztyn, Poland
Lod Airport, Israel
Freiburg University
Alexander’s, Valley Stream, USA
Safa Park, Dubai
McCann Erikson Ltd. London
Hotel 83, La Fossette, St Tropez
Grabowski Gallery 11, Londonl
Mondrian Hotel, Hollywood
Terminal 4 Transit Building, Heathrow Airport
Warwick University
Farnham Art School. Surrey Museum of Fine Art Boston
Meru College, France
Pole Mokotowskie Metro Station, Warsaw
King Edward’s School, Witley … and many others