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picture by Stefan Knapp and link
Stefan Knapp
Maesmawr (the main house at MWAC) dates back to 1526 and was originally a Welsh longhouse that grew into a successful farm. Much of the original structure remains. In 1820 the imposing Georgian front was added.

Cathy Knapp saw that the spacious interior and grounds had potential for a gallery and sculpture park as well as a centre for learning and encouraging the arts.

With a background in Arts Education she is keen to foster talent and promote interest in the arts.

Her late husband the internationally renowned enamellist and sculptor Stefan Knapp left a unique collection of paintings and sculpture which are on display in the house and grounds.

Her son Ivan Knapp also has a studio, with work on display.

Maesmawr Art Centre has grown as a result of an initiative by Powys Arts Forum's 'Harvesting the Arts' programme which encouraged artists' collaboration.

This area of Mid Wales has fostered a wealth of artists, who have been able to find the space they need for their work and recognised the magical beauty of the area.

Artists are involved in the direction of the centre, offer workshops and are available for commissions.