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picture by artist Myk Briggs
About me

I am a physicist who has been taking pictures for almost 60 years. I have an interest in photography which could be reasonably described as `broad church' and even possibly obsessive !

Having chased around the world taking pictures of wildlife, in September 1997 I visited the Arctic Circle to photograph woodpeckers. I have taken images in most of the world's popular wildlife tourist destinations.

In 1999 I lived with an un-photographed jungle tribe in India to document their lifestyle and have exhibited the results at several venues. Two books about the tribe use my pictures as documentary illustrations.

I have been President of Oswestry Photographic Society and I am a Licentate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Recently I ran a commercial photographic studio for 8 years

I have had some work published and you can find many of my pictures on the Internet. During various exhibitions I have sold all types of image.

I enjoy helping others with their photography. Having trained as a physicist, an electronics engineer, latterly in photography and then image manipulation, the digital age is no mystery.

In my home studio I specialise in photographing other peoples art work for their websites which I design and build.