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Sara Philpott works in mixed media
picture by artist Sara Philpott
picture by artist Sara Philpott
picture by artist Sara Philpott
Sara Philpott has established herself as one of the premier, and most exciting artists now working in Wales. She had already developed a reputation in London in the 1980s as a very talented still-life painter. However, she left this behind her when she decided to move to a new life in Wales in 1991. Here the landscape had a profound effect; her response to the woods and hills of mid-wales led her into a new phase of neo-Romantic paintings with some early indications of what was to become a very distinctive vision and palette. Yet other strands emerged during her early years in Wales. She responded to her experience of the birth and early development of her children, with a series of paintings celebrating the mysteries of motherhood and creation. She also, at this time, explored her own distinctive fantasies and mythical themes.
Sarah Philpott refuses to be typecast. As soon as a label such as neo - Romantic or colourist is applied to her work, she has already moved on to some new theme or technique!