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Alison Holt works in textiles
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picture by artist Alison Holt
picture by artist Alison Holt
picture by artist Alison Holt
picture by artist Alison Holt
picture by artist Alison Holt

Born in Oswestry, Shropshire, England, Alison completed a Foundation Course at Shrewsbury School of Art in 1976 and went on to study Fine Art/Textiles and Embroidery at Goldsmiths College, London qualifying in 1979. She exhibited in Texprint `79 as one of the years 30 most promising graduates.

She taught textiles at Wrexham College of Art for three years before starting her own studio near Chester in 1982. She has worked from her studio in Oswestry since 2000.

Artist statement

'I aim to make a connection with people through my work, to transport them to a place and a moment in time. I am inspired by the detail in nature, the patterns, rhythms and textures. I want to create an emotional response in the viewer to the landscape that is important to me.'

Each piece is a combination of silk painting and stitch. The painting creates depth, perspective and richness to the work and combines effectively with stitch to give detail and texture

I started to explore my love of the countryside, flowers and gardens through the medium of embroidery finding it the perfect vehicle to express the colours, textures and shapes I find so fascinating.I try to combine in my compositions a sense of light and an interesting juxtaposition of colour, shape and texture. I aim to capture moments in time as an artist who has colour, line and texture to play with. I consider myself a painter that uses threads, an artist that draws with a sewing machine.

I work to commission and exhibit my embroideries in the UK at the Chelsea Flower Show and other venues, visit my Exhibitions page for more information.

I live on the Shropshire / Welsh border, an area that has a rich diversity of scenery. The Shropshire plain stretching for miles with its patchwork of fields, gentle rolling hills, a wealth of woodlands and the drama of mountains and waterfalls further into Wales. Add into this mix of imagery the four seasons, with spring and summer flowers, autumn colours, winter snow and frost and the inspiration for me is endless.

I am not primarily a photographer but my photographs are invaluable to me as a record of composition, colour and detail, supported by my sketches. I cannot work from life, with an electric machine as my drawing tool. Photography has to be my starting point because I explore my subject matter directly on to my fabric, drawing and painting with threads.I use a very old basic Bernina sewing machine to 'draw' with, the machine simply makes the stitches while I manoeuvre the silk painted background under the needle.