The Projected Kitchen

A new installation by Rosemary Terry

“The domestic interior, especially the objects and furniture of the kitchen, is a theme I have returned to repeatedly in my sculpture over the past 30 years. This exhibition brings together a selection of work, carved and constructed in wood, on this theme.

Some pieces explore the often problematic relationship between nature and humanity. In Nature Bites Back of 1990, trees grow into kitchen implements to wreak revenge on concrete. The Projected Kitchen of 2016 celebrates the nurturing capacity of wood and trees, while Table with Colander, 2006, finds commonality between sifted particles and the night sky.

The kitchen for me has parallels with the artist’s studio – an experimental environment which can be both creative and destructive, comforting and dangerous. Thus a kitchen table is scaled up to become a structure to shelter under, a rolling pin assumes the proportions of a garden roller, and a demi-john is restored to its feminine identity, named Dame Jeanne after the first, French, commissioner of the form, enlarged and blackened with age and use.

In The Projected Kitchen, household objects are enlarged, flattened and overlapped, making familiar objects appear strange. Carved from long boards of ash and sycamore, these two-sided reliefs seem to compress space, producing the illusion of depth but proposing a particular angle of view. These everyday items, cups, plates, pots and spoons are deliberately celebrated in wood: a ‘poor’ material in traditional sculptural terms compared with stone or bronze, but incomparably rich if seen as ‘nature’; nurturing and bountiful as cookery itself.”