Climate Change Emergency

15th Apr – 23rd May 2021


Climate Change Exhibition: Stop! Act!

Artists Speak Out!

We are planning to open on April 15th with this very important exhibition on Climate Change. Originally planned for 2020 we have had an extra year to work on this project, our most ambitious yet. Over 40 artists from all over Wales the UK and Europe, united by their strong feelings and desire for change have used their artistic skills and imagination to create works intended to increase awareness, provoke thought and conversation and promote change. This is a very diverse exhibition with something for all ages and includes installations, film, sculpture, photography, printmaking and painting much of which can be appreciated safely outdoors, covid security will be in place.

Tara Dean Alison Lochhead Tessa Hayward Richard Booth Tiago Gambogi Rob Davies Imogen Rendall Kevin Blockley Heather Eastes Susan Milne Neil Johnson Art Duo Megan Elinor Jones Ceyda Oskay Bria de la Mare Anita Kolaczynska Rachel Harris Jerry Moore Loraine Morley Heledd Wyn Stephen Kingston Vivi Marie Carpelan Jane Mason Hayley Parfitt Gemma Hughes Dilys Jackson Amber Hiscott Clare Whistler Nicola Hetherington Tania Mosse Nick Lloyd Jill Ladrook Tina Ashdown Heidi Piercy Phil Dalton Judith Crawford Michael Meech Jill Ladbrook Alice Bramhill Bridget Bradley Simone Williams Gini Wade Davina Cameron Eva Strautmann Janet Farahar Glenn Morris