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Home Education Art Workshops


Home Education Art Workshops

We aim to develop techniques and skills using a wide variety of materials and encourage awareness of the essential elements of colour, form, pattern, shape, line and tone. Wherever possible we will use the beautiful natural environment and wealth of artworks surrounding the art centre as a source of inspiration. Wednesdays will alternate ceramics and other art activities.

Clay workshops will teach your children different techniques and allow them to explore form, shape and balance while they create their very own ceramic final piece. This final piece will be fired and taken home.

Dates for clay workshops:
7th July, 21st July

Art workshops will consist of a variety of activities such as learning about colour and texture, printing, sketching and painting. This will allow your child to explore many different mediums.

Dates for art workshops:
23rd June - Portraits
14th July - Still Life

Home education classes will not be running during the summer holidays as we will be running children's workshops on Mondays to Tuesdays and Sculpteen on Wednesdays, 10am - 4pm. But you are welcome to sign up for those sessions and we will resume our Wednesday group in September.

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