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Mary Lloyd Jones, Cynghanedd
Mary Lloyd Jones, Cynghanedd

Rage Exhibition

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Please note: Alison Lochhead’s Exhibition closes 13 October, 4.00

Rage, a joint exhibition with Mary Lloyd Jones and Alison Lochhead exploring injustices through histories of land, cultures and identities.

Mary Lloyd Jones is a well-established and popular artist in Wales. She has exhibited widely in Wales, elsewhere in Britain and internationally, since the mid 1960s. She explores and reveals the links between identities, land, language and resulting culture, with emphasis on the devastating impact of being viewed as a minority in your own country. Of her work she writes

My aim is that my work should reflect my identity, my relationship with the land, an awareness of history, and the treasure of our literary and oral traditions. I search for devices that will enable me to create multilayered works. This has led to my involvement with the beginnings of language, early man made marks and the Ogham and Bardic Alphabet.

Alison Lochhead’s sculptures and paintings focus on those affected by war, abuses of power and resulting climate change: the plight of those trapped in camps and rubbled cities, and the strength and hope of those willing to risk everything to find safety. We must rage against the mindless destruction and devastation of our planet by forces that use fear and control to divide us. We must work together to make the world a safer place that ends wars and builds a sustainable future. Because if we don’t - if we deny sanctuary to those asking for help - then where is our humanity? Who are we?

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