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Artist Call -  Deadline getting close!


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Artist Call - Deadline getting close!


Deadline for submissions: 1st May 2022

PEA Artist Call

Positive Environmental Art (PEA)

Climate Change Exhibition Artist Call 2022

5th June - 7th August

Following the very successful 2021 Climate Change Exhibition at Mid Wales Arts, we are building on the strength of involvement and awareness of artists who wish to create positive environmental/ecological art in 2022.

This year, we challenge you to submit work that is not only inspired by your response to climate change but offers sustainable and imaginative solutions and minimizes the amount of waste produced in the creative process.

We are looking for an effort to consider the environment in your work. We hope to see innovative examples of using natural/sustainable/recycled/upcycled/compostable/non-toxic media or processes. The quality of the work should not be diminished through your use of these processes.

Your work should offer positivity in some way, whether it be solely through imaginative techniques, or subject matter.

Our selection process will take into account the overall environmental impact of your work. Your accompanying artist statement should explain your choice of media and how it has a positive impact. Please submit your statement along with your work so we can evaluate if the brief has been met.

Every change will make a difference. A prize of £500 will be awarded to the artist whose work is judged the most challenging by the public.

Work can be submitted anytime from now until 1st May 2022. Work to be delivered by 29th May.

Use this form to submit your work:

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