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Climate Change Exhibition Opening


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Climate Change Exhibition Opening


On Thursday 15th April we will open our gates, gardens, fields, barns and gallery to the public for a very important exhibition about Climate Change. This is a major exhibition originally planned for 2020 and has received support from the Arts Council of Wales.

Artists from all over the UK and Europe submitted proposals. The selection committee were delighted with the strength and variety of their responses. The exhibition includes over 100 exhibits by 43 artists, some remarkable installations, films, paintings, sculpture, prints, ceramics and textiles. Artists have used their skills to convey the seriousness of human impact on the planet and spent thousands of hours creating work that they hope will entertain, amaze and challenge or gently cajole the public to reflect and consider the way we live.

Welsh artists participating include Amber Hiscott, Glenn Morris, Dilys Jackson, Stephen Kingston, Neil Johnson and Heledd Wynn. Local artists were keen to be involved include Gini Wade, Kevin Blockley, Loraine Morley, Janet Farahar, Anita Kolaczynska, Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Richard Booth and Nick Lloyd. Refreshingly many new arts graduates who live in the area and were denied their final degree show because of Covid 19 have contributed thought provoking compositions and we were pleased to accept pieces by Megan Elinor Jones and Imogen Rendall… and many more.

Celebrate the gentle reopening of Wales in a safe place to walk about, be uplifted and challenged by art and start thinking about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Mid Wales Arts is fortunate to have outstanding views and lots of outdoor space and repurposed farm buildings where art can be enjoyed, admission is free.

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