Angela Thorpe

Angela is an artist based in rural Shropshire who makes limited edition lithograph prints on a Victorian press. Her images are based on observation, memory and imagination.

Artist statement:

I work on a Victorian Gothic press using limestone blocks in the traditional way. I am limited by the size of these stones. Lithography is based on the antithesis of grease and water: You draw on the porous stone with grease and, provided that you keep the stone wet, when you roll the surface with a greasy inked roller the drawing will attract the greasy ink and the wet stone will repel it. After proofing the image, you can make the ink whatever colour you choose. I almost always use 3 or 4 colours to build up a print. The buzz comes with superimposing one transparent colour over another.

Mostly, the process is about placing one colour beside another, one shape against another. Finding a subject is really only an excuse for that. I like John Updike’s “to give the mundane its beautiful due” and Carol Ann Duffy’s wish to “transcend the ordinary.” Then there is ‘The Moment’. I have recently become very interested in ‘
The Moment’ as some sort of unexpected, unlooked-for coming together of things, in an affirmation. This can be expressed by a lovely pure colour, and the indifferent, dull, old world by some dark colour that gives the context, sometimes almost overwhelming it. I love the economy, the limitations of the print and more and more I like duality and paradox and using contrasting colours in juxtaposition.

Auntie Chris's Garden
Camping le Port
Circus Lady
Come back early or never come
Girls on the Rock, Boys In the Shade
A Distant View of the Cathedral
A Green Thought In a Green Shade
Birds and the Shadows of Birds
April 1997- Hailing Hale Bop
All the Lovely Fabrics
A Nearly Still Life
A Long Way From Anywhere
Blackbird's Song
Blue Chair
Here and There
Global Village
Favourite Hill
Dover Beach
Dark City
Hey Nonny, Nonny
High Street
I Cheer a Dead Man's Sweetheart
Le Pique-nique
Looking out to Sea
Lovers Beside the Med
Monet and Me
Postcard from Janie
On the Way to Samur
O Love be fed with apples while you may
Now and Then
Point of View
Remembering Celadines
School Bus
She's Listening to Maggie Teyte
Sod 'Em All
The Thing I Like Best
The Golden Field
The Day the Martins Came
The Dancers Are All Gone Under the Hill
Sparrows' Hedge at Dusk
The Tree and the Chapel
The Woods are Lovely, dark and deep
There's Only This Minute
This Is As Bad As It Gets
Twilight, Priestweston
Winter Sun
Who'se This in My Garden
When Did You Last See Your Mother
What We Found in Venice
We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On
Walking in the Light